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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  May 3, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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early morning raids. andre barnes joins us now live from montgomery county police quarter as he and that is the location of the conference. i not going on just right, right? >> reporter: it has not happen -- it's not going on just right now, right? >> reporter: it has not happened just yet. now let's backtrack and tell you what we know so far. this all started early this morning. two men were picked up in austin hill and brought here to police headquarters in montgomery county in rockville and they've been questioned here all day long. these men were snagged in a huge dragnet that spread across several jurisdictions. what we want to tell you is that they were part of a dragnet. they had seven different search warrants that police were working on today. there was one in northwest washington. there was also one in southeast washington. one woman, her name is artura williams, was picked up in northwest washington.
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she was charged with using brian betts' stolen credit card and here's the rest of that story. >> i don't know nothing about no murder! >> reporter: this woman was outraged when she said police kicked in her door in this apartment complex of the 4300 block of third street southeast and started asking questions about her teenage son in connection with the murder of shaw middle school principal brian betts. >> my son is a good kid. so i'm trying to see why they come kicking my door in. >> reporter: at nearly the same time in the 5300 block of fifth street northwest police came looking for this woman's neighbor. >> she was coming up the street. >> reporter: artura william was arrested and charged with receiving a stolen credit card. detectives say she was caught on tape running up more than $100 on betts' card at this giant grocery store in silver springs. >> we know that credit cards were stolen from mr. betts' home at the time of the homicide and how she got in contact with the credit card is something investigators are
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speaking with her now. >> reporter: police zeroed in on two other suspects on south view drive and austin hill. they've been questioned at police headquarters all day and it appears police are ready to connect them to betts' murder. now montgomery county had just 13 murders last year and detectives here tell me that's why they throw every resource they have to try to keep those numbers low. we are waiting for a major announcement from montgomery county police chief tom manger and hope to bring that for you live when it happens. lesli, back to you. >> audrey, we'll get right to you as soon as that happens. now to other news, police leveled murder charges against a men's lacrosse player at the university of virginia. the victim is a women's lacrosse player. under arrest is 22-year-old george huguely of chevy chase maryland. the victim is 22-year-old yeardley love of cockeysville maryland. police were called to an off campus apartment early this morning about a possible alcohol overdose. >> patrol officers arrived on the scene.
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it was quickly apparent to them that this young lady was the victim of something far worse. >> witnesses told police that huguely and yeardley love had been in a relationship. new at 6:00 we are learning about a deadly garage fire over the weekend. it took place recall saturday morning along villa street in the franconia area of fairfax county. firefighters put out the fire and found a woman's body. investigators are looking into the cause of death and the cause of the fire. now to that bomb scare in times square of investigators say they are making considerable progress in tracking down the culprit who drove a homemade bomb into times square saturday. sources tell cbs news the bomb found inside contained propane tanks, gas and two clocks and it had little chance of detonating and new information is out concerning the vehicle that bomb was found. in our dave statter has more.
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>> reporter: is he just a man taking off his shirt on a hot day or is he connected to the homemade bomb placed in the nearby nissan pathfinder? >> he may or may not have been involved in this incident and we certainly encourage help to come forward and cooperate with the investigation. >> the people, the person, who was behind that act intended to spread terror. >> reporter: administration officials told the washington post this afternoon they are seeing signs of an international link to the incident, but that it doesn't mean al qaeda or another terrorist group is involved. >> while there is no evidence that this terrorist act was planned by any terrorist organization, we're just not ruling anything in or anything out. >> you heard this little pop, pop, pop which was almost like a firecracker going off and stuff and then the sparks inside the car, you could see them. >> reporter: cbs is citing sources saying the bomb had little chance of detonating, but if it had it could have caused a fireball. investigators tracked down the vehicle's owner and say that person is not a suspect. cnn reports he sold the vehicle
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via craigslist three weeks ago. people visiting times square today are still quite concerned. >> i'm a tourist and come here looking for different kinds of people with cars, bags. >> i'm a little uneasy, frightening, but what can you do? >> reporter: investigators have been closely looking at that suv trying to find hair, fibers, anything that can help with the case. there's also talk that additional video will be released from other security cameras around times square. >> dave, thank you for that. the squire in new york has police and firefighters across our region on high alert. a person and bag of old clothes left behind by a man in women's clothing closed down thomas circle in downtown d.c. today. explosives experts suited up, grade the package once, weren't sure what was inside. so they went back a second time before giving it the all clear. >> this is this nation's capital, so it could happen here at any time and we want to make sure that we stay vigilant
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that it doesn't happen here. >> authorities say if you are suspicious that something might be a bomb, call 911. they say they would much rather check out a false alarm than ignore a package that blows up. a consumer alert tonight about children's medicine, the fda is advising consumers to stop using more than 40 liquid medications intended for children and infants that are under recall due to quality problems. those products include tylenol, zyrtec and benadryl. fda officials say the chances of serious health problems are remote. for a list of the recalled drugs log onto and click on living smart. follow that link to get to those consumer recalls. the oil slick in the gulf is now being referred to as an oil flow by some. the disaster is getting worse and worse by the day with thousands of barrels spilling into the gulf. it has forced officials to ban fishing off the coast of louisiana, alabama, mississippi and part of florida. that oil flow is now 130 miles long, 70 miles wide and growing
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by the hour. >> it's a bit like doing open heart surgery at 5,000 feet beneath the surface. >> bp has hired hundreds of local boaters to help with the containment and the clean-up, but rainy weather there is keeping most of them in port and the oil is quickly moving toward land. it could reach land in the next 72 hours somewhere between louisiana and alabama. that is another problem mother nature is fueling. topper joins us now from the weather center to explain. >> the problem is their frontal system there and the winds are just too strong whipping up some pretty big waves. let's go to the computer and talk about where things are. it's the same front actually that will go through here tonight. we'll zoom down. lesli, got to go back to you. we're going back to the press conference, chief tom manger speaking now. >> the commander of our major crimes division.
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>> today we've made several arrests in connection with the murder case involving brian betts. we have four people in custody. two of them have been charged with first degree murder. we have a third individual who has not been formally charged yet, but we're anticipating will be charged with murder and then the fourth person we have in custody is artura otey williams. we put information out about ms. williams earlier today. she was charged with two counts of knowingly receiving a stolen credit card with the intent to use it, attempted theft under $1,000 in value and attempted fraudulent credit card use. this morning we served four search warrants, two in the district of columbia and two in prince georges county.
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as a result of those search warrants we have again four people in custody. the first is alanta saunders. he's 18 years old. we have no fixed address on mr. saunders. the second person we have in custody and has been charged with murder is shareef tau lancaster, also 18 years of age. he lives in the 5300 block of fifth street northwest in the district of columbia. mr. lancaster is the son of artura williams who was charged with the credit card theft. the third person we have in custody is an 18-year-old male. we're not going to release his name right now because he's not been formally charged. as soon as we formally charge that individual, we'll be releasing his name. as you all are aware, on thursday, april 15th, mr. betts was found deceased in his home in the 9300 block of columbia
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road in silver spring. two days later on saturday, april 17th, at 10:40 a.m. mr. betts' vehicle was found in southeast district of columbia. investigators learned that his vehicle was dropped there by two black males on friday, april 16th. during the course of our investigation we learned that fingerprints belonging to shareef lancaster were found in mr. betts' home near the scene ofly death. we also found fingerprints belonging to alontae saunders on the exterior and interior of mr. betts' vehicle. further investigation has revealed that one or more of the suspects was connected with betts after mr. betts used a
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phone chat line. the specific reason for the meeting between the individuals has not yet been confirmed. while the motive of the crime is still being investigated, we believe that it was most likely going to be a robbery. of the four search warrants that were executed today, the search warrant that was executed in the 1300 block of south view drive in oxen hill we recovered mr. betts' wallet with a recent for nike shoes that were purchased on -- with a receipt for nike shoes that were purchased on the day after mr. betts' death. several other items were seized. we're unsure now at this point whether they're connected with this case. this remains still a very active investigation, so there's going to be a number of
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questions that you all might have that i'm not going to be able to answer because it is still a very active investigation and i'd like to thank the metropolitan police department of washington d.c., thank the prince george's county police department and thank the u.s. marshals service for their assistance throughout our investigation of this case and i'm happy to take any questions you might have. >> reporter: was there any evidence that any of these young men had somehow come into contact with mr. betts through his work in the school system? >> i'm not aware of that. what our investigation has shown is that mr. betts' use of the phone chat line that made the connection with these individuals. that's what we believe at this point. >> reporter: was that phone chat -- >> you've been listening to chief tom manger of montgomery county, maryland giving us new details connected to the murder of brian betts and what we've learned is that there are now
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three people or rather two people who have been charged with first degree murder and a third person who is expected to be charged with murder. one of those young men an 18- year-old alontae saunders, a second man shareef lancaster also 18 years old, lives in the 5300 block of fifth street and son of a woman by the name of artura williams who has been charged with using brian betts' stolen credit card. we learned that there is an 18- year-old male who is expected to be charged, but because he has not been charged just yet police are not releasing his name. they went through a timeline again of what happened to the principal betts and believe that the connection to these suspects happened between some sort of phone chat line and they believe that the motive for this was going to be some sort of robbery. we'll, of course, have more on this as this newscast continues and in the 7:00 and 11:00 shows. we'll take a quick break and
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come back.
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back on 9. we're going to talk about this oil disaster in the gulf of mexico because it's going to get worse. the problem is the weather is not cooperating. let's start with what's going on now. the same front that's going through here is actually going to go through there and that's causing some pretty strong southeasterly winds 15 to 18 miles per hour and that is causing a problem with the booms that they use to try to
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contain the slick. now let me go to the doppler and look at the wave height that these are generating now, a seven foot wave, six. these are pretty big waves for the gulf of mexico, three feet, almost three feet almost to the mobile bay. so this is the problem with the slick and, of course, it's right in this area and with these kinds of waves and these kinds of southeasterly winds, that is causing havoc and really not enabling them to control it the way they would like. we will come back and give you a full forecast on the upcoming week which will include mother's day. stay tuned.
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we're checking the evening rush. patranya, how's it looking? >> i'm still tracking delays on the capital beltway through virginia and maryland and the heaviest spot continues to be on the inner loop from 66 past the american legion to the 270 spur, so allow extra time if you're heading on the west side of 495 and as we switch over to our realtime map, still watching this accident at route 7 and patrick henry drive. watch out for that if you're taking route 7 as an alternate to 66. that's a quick check of our commute. lesli, back to you. a little rain today, a lot of warmth. do we need to keep that umbrella handy still? >> next couple hours, i think.
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so nothing widespread but some of the ones developing are pretty big thunderstorms. here's your forecast first now. the next three days we're looking at temperatures warmer than average. our average high is 72 but cooler than it's been over the weekend. dulles tied the old mark yesterday of 88 degrees, 80 tomorrow, 80 wednesday, 81 thursday, slight chance of a shower tuesday, primarily north of town, not a big deal. now tonight shower or thunderstorm still possible. then becoming partly cloudy later on, cooler, low temperatures upper 50s to mid- 60s. winds turn northwesterly at 10 once the front goes through. let me show you live doppler 9000 and we'll pinpoint some of the activity. most of us aren't going to see anything but those that do have a pretty good shower or thunderstorm out there especially just north of warrenton and this one is straddling 66 and 123 heading towards vienna and will eventually cross the dulles access road in the next 20 minutes. now we'll go to the east side of town and this is a pretty heavy storm just west around 3 and just to the north of 50 and
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this is pushing across 97 over toward pasadena. now back to the computer and talk about temps. lows tonight 60s downtown which is actually refreshing and upper 50s in the suburbs, gaithersburg, reston 59, 58 sterling and 58 leesburg and manassas. tomorrow morning partly cloudy, depressant, 50s and 60s to start and by afternoon a pretty nice day, partly cloudy, pleasant, slight chance of a shower north. i think you have to go to frederick northward to have a chance, high temperatures around 80, winds northwesterly at 10. here is the satellite and radar combined. now can see most of the showers and thunderstorms to the southeast to south of us with the frontal system. it will eventually clear us out later tonight, just a couple leftover kind of straggle showers, you will and then clearing skies later on tonight. a second little weak system comes through tomorrow, could give us a shower in the afternoon north of town. 80 tomorrow, 80 wednesday, low 80s on thursday and friday.
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we'll keep friday dry, showers and storms possible friday night, pretty strong front. in the wake of that front temperatures will go back into the 60s which isn't crazy cool but it's going to feel that way compared to what we've been through. right now it should be dry for mother's day but only 65. you've got time to work on. this you've go the a whole week. >> okay. i'll get back to work. >> we'll take a quick break and be back with sports. [ beeping ]
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> up to now mike shanahan and bruce allen have been adding people. in fact, there are 83 guys on the redskins roster at the moment which means the axe was bound to start falling evidently and it -- eventually and it did today. anthony montgomery and wide receiver marko mitchell, montgomery a fifth round pick in 2006 who started 22 games for the skins, mitchell a
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seventh round pick last year, but after a big preseason he only caught four balls. so the skins also cut ties with running back anthony aldridge and hill and wide receiver james robinson. with today's cuts there are still nine wide receivers on the redskins roster, although as you can see, only two are over six feet tall, moss, top and kelly figure to be one -- thomas and kelly figure to be one, two, three on the depth chart. the axe will undoubtedly chop again soon. when the caps have their season ending media availability on friday the entire team showed up to face the music in the wake of their crushing round one exit to the canadiens. everybody except mic greene. the all-star blue liner led all nhl defensivemen in goals during the regular season but he was conspicuously missing from the score sheet during the seven playoff games, no goals and just three assists and he was the guy who got beat on that fateful 2-0 goal in game 7
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against the avs. today greene broke his silence and shared his disappointment. >> you almost want to cry. it's disappointing and the way i felt after that game is something i hope i never feel again. the tough part for me is that it takes 82 more games to get another opportunity. >> meanwhile caps owner ted leonsis is another step closer to becoming wizards owner signing the purchase agreement for the basketball team today making it likely he will take over even before the nba draft next month. the following are words i never thought i'd utter a month into the baseball season. the nationals have a better record than the boston red sox. i know, it's unlikely. even with the two losses over the weekend the nats are 13-12, two games better than the sox and their $170 million payroll. one of the reasons the nats are still above .500 is this guy, closer matt capps named today the major league's reliever of
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the month of april 2010-10 in save opportunities, gave up just one run in 13 innings. last national to win that award was chad cordeiro in '05. turns out stephen strasburg is human after all. after basically being untouchable in his first month in the minors the kid gave up four runs in 4 2/3 last night including six hits and three walks. was it a sign of trouble or just a little hiccup on the road to greatness? >> there's always going to be days, where you know, things just aren't going your way and you got to learn from it and that's the great thing about these type of days is that's when you can really learn the most from. >> good attitude. the streak continued at the white house today, the navy football team paying a visit to the president for the seventh straight year. that's how many times in a row the mids football team has won the commander in chief's trophy. the mids haven't lost to army since 2001. finally tonight spurs coach gregg popovich was sick and tired of his guys missing free throws against the mavericks,
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so he came up with a unique way of motivating the guys. >> next guy that misses a free throw is going to buy me a new car. >> wouldn't you know? the next guy to the line was tony parker and he misses the first free throw that he shot and so he's buying pop a car. i wonder how he's going to explain that receipt to eva longoria, his wife. i had to spend an extra 50 grand because the coach made me buy him a car. >> but you know what? he's got an extra 50 grand to buy the coach a car. >> if he doesn't, she does. >> hey, tell us about the forecast. >> can i show you doppler real fast, big storms running through vienna and 66 towards town, lighter activity towards bethesda and running just north of manassas, another couple hours it will be gone and we'll be in pretty good shape. >> that's it for us on 9 news now at 6:00. bi


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